Percussionist for hire


Percussionist for hire

Scotty Horey is highly trained and deeply experienced in many of the facets of professional percussion and drum-set. Scotty is recognized by name as one of the leading "on call" percussionists in the twin cities. Noted in particular for his professional versatility between popular and classical styles, his experience includes over 10 years and countess venues and professional organizations. Please browse the below information on his various services which include drumset, musical theater, marimba/vibes, and concert percussion.


DRumset performance/studio recording


(singer/songwriters, jazz, rock, pop, musical theater/pit orchestras) 

* as a drummer, Scotty charts and prepares songs/arrangements before the recording session or rehearsal to give you a strong foundation, and provides flexibility and multiple options for drum grooves/ feels that suit your music

* unique from many drummers, Scotty is equally confident playing by ear or sight reading charts/composed drum parts in MANY styles 

* Scotty also loves the process of contributing creatively when it is welcome for the project. Teamwork, unity, and respect for the song comes first!  





Drumkit performance/studio recording WORK SAMPLES:


- Funky rock (musical selection: “Warm Breeze of L.A.” by Scotty Horey) (excerpt)

- Fusion (musical selection: “Extroverted Introvert” by Scotty Horey) (excerpt)

- Rock (musical selection: “Seeking Avalon” by RisingSide) (excerpt)

- Pop (musical selection: “The Void” by Ariel Strasser) (excerpt)

- Rock (musical selection "She Hit the Dirt" by RisingSide) (please reference the youtube description for notes on this performance!) 

- Pop/Rock (musical selection "Walls" by Preston Gunderson and Scotty Horey ) (please reference the youtube description for notes on this performance!) 

concert percussion performance

concert percussion performance

- snare drum, timpani, cymbals, bass drum, tambourine, triangle, and all auxiliary percussion

- contemporary music and classical repertoire

- orchestral, choral ensembles, opera/MUSICAL THEATER, chamber ensembles



* all rehearsals Scotty plays are audio recorded and reviewed to ensure top quality performance for your ensemble or project 



Scotty ensures all the appropriate instruments are available, ready, and tuned to ensure the most professional sound and smoothest logistics for your rehearsals and concert 



* Scotty believes in taking suggestions, teamwork, and discussing details in a rehearsal to ensure both the smoothest logistics, and the highest artistic standard for your project










Concert Percussion Performance WORK SAMPLES:




“Gavotte” from Orchestral Suite #4 – Johann Sebastian Bach (live performance with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra)

“Finale” from Orchestral Suite #4 – Johann Sebastian Bach (live performance with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra)

Snare Drum:

jazz/pop marimba and vibraphone

jazz/pop marimba and vibraphone

Jazz/pop marimba and vibraphone


As time passes, vibes and marimba are more and more becoming a hip and unique color in contemporary music: jazz, fusion, rock, and pop. As a marimbist and vibist, Scotty is able to provide exciting skill sets to your project:


* small group jazz/ rock or fusion performance: comping, soloing and riffing


* reading and learning written parts for your big band or ensemble


* guest solos on your jazz or pop album










Jazz/pop marimba and vibraphone WORK SAMPLES:

"Lando Milonga" by Trevor Wiest (featuring Scotty Horey- Marimba)

Marimba solo LIVE at Bedlam Theater 2016 (Scotty Horey- Marimba)