Solo Percussion Artist Work Samples (Audio)


Solo Percussion Artist Work Samples (Audio)

Scotty Horey's artistic focus is his work as a unique solo percussionist and composer. His solo concerts are an interesting mix of different musical traditions and instruments that all aid in his expression. Experiencing the flow of one of Scotty's concerts includes stylings of classical, contemporary classical, progressive rock/fusion, new age with the sounds of solo marimba, solo drumset, and flute. Scotty frequently enjoys performing original compositions, *and* pieces written by other composers, in the same evening presentation. His original compositions are often accompanied by personally reflective and sentimental narratives. 

Notable appearances as a featured solo artist have taken place in the U.S.A., Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Argentina, and include: The International Percussion Festival Patagonia, The International Percussion Festival Salvador, The Marimba2010 International Festival and Conference, The VI International Encontro Latino Americano De Percussao Festival, The Spark Festival for Electronic Music and Arts, The First Annual Costa Rica Festival of Percussion Ensembles, The Schubert Club Concert Series, the FineLine Music Cafe, The Bedlam Theater, and many Universities throughout the U.S.A. and Latin America.

I invite you to take some time and enjoy my solo artist media samples! Below I have provided my most recent work, and some old favorites. Some are my original compositions, and other’s are written by other composers. Enjoy!






"My Lady White" (Mvt. II) by David Maslanka (studio recording)

With growing up with classical music and new age music on the calm and reflective coast of Maine, I have always deeply connected with the music of David Maslanka. Maslanka has always taken inspiration from nature and spirituality, two things that also resonate with my mindset. This piece usually allows me to temporarily remove myself from the more rhythmically dense and intellectually rigorous zone of my solo percussion programs and enter a space of peace, introspection, and open heartedness. 

Solo Percussion Artist Work Samples (Video)

Solo Percussion Artist Work Samples (Video)

"Solitary Conciousness" by Scotty Horey: (Please check out the notes on this performance in the youtube description!) 

"Character #2" by Casey Cangelosi:  (Please check out the notes on this performance in the youtube description!) 

"Blue Line" by Marta Ptaszynska:  (Please check out the notes on this performance in the youtube description!) 

"Agustina" by Scotty Horey:  (Please check out the notes on this performance in the youtube description!) 

"Las Ardillas" by Scotty Horey:  (Please check out the notes on this performance in the youtube description!) 

 “Toccata” by Anna Ignatowicz (please reference the youtube description for notes on this performance!)

“Il Legno e la Parola” by Salvatore Sciarrino (please reference the youtube description for notes on this performance!)

 “Refreshing, Glorious Arrival” by Scotty Horey

“Falling Back into the Clouds” by Scotty Horey

"Drum Solo" by Scotty Horey

"Electric Drill Dipped in Magma" by Scotty Horey (please reference the youtube description for notes on this performance!) 

 "Extroverted Introvert" by Scotty Horey (studio recording from 2012)

Compositions for instrumental rock band are an important component of my solo percussion concerts. My original tunes include components of progressive rock, metal, jazz, fusion, classical, and experimental. Thankfully, I have a great community of musicians in the twin cities that help me bring these pieces to life, and allow me to exist in my imaginative world performing behind the kit. “Extroverted Introvert” is one of my earliest original tunes for band, and paints the picture of my personality. A simple theme is transformed and portrayed in a variety of moods and settings, showing that the same person can have many qualities, masks, and can learn how to exist in different environments. I hope you enjoy this virtuosic “theme and variations” for instrumental rock band, “Extroverted Introvert”! Be sure to also look at my drumset videos under my  “teaching” page for some discussion and demonstrations from this piece.

"Normale" by Schuyler Tsuda (studio recording from 2012)

The composer writes the following about this work: 

Normale (2012) is a composition in which the physical mechanics of “normal” tone production are deconstructed into its constituent parts and reassembled with very specific alterations of these parts, making the production of the tone impossible or just out of reach. As each of the performers strives to produce the simple, archetypal tone without “success,” first with inquisitive exploration and moving towards furious obsession, an amazing and unexpected sound world emerges. While the extreme effort produces little in the way of ordinary tone, what is created during the process is something much more magical and profound. The journey becomes more important than the goal, as their individual attempts move the performers en masse into a completely unexpected sound space. This piece is, in one sense, an imagining of the strange music that would have come to be if instrumental technique had developed in a different way, with small slivers of imperfection along the way.

"Time" by Minoru Miki
“Time” is a solo marimba work written in 1969 by Japanese composer Minoru Miki. “Time” is a twelve-tone work, with influence from traditional Japanese, and gamelan music. A hypnotic theme is the focus, and the idea of balance and yin/yang permeates the piece. “Time” has always been a close piece to me, and an outlet to express myself using musical components mostly divorced from pulsed rhythm and tonal harmony. The piece is a landscape of different impressions of time and pacing: both calm and tense. The voices of the marimba prove warm and calling through their singing of interesting leaps and steps…

 "Crystal Aura" by Ruud Roelofsen (live performance from 2016)

"Rebonds A" by Iannis Xenakis (live performance from 2010)